Rental Policies

A RENTAL MONTH is a four week period. A Nightly rental is six nights or less. The nightly rate is quoted at a 2 night stay. (minimum two nights) The 3-6 night guest stays offer a rate that is less due to service fees pro-rated between the total days booked. Nightly rates after 2 nights can only be quoted by a Mountain Vacation Rental Associate.

TAXES & FEES. A 6.75% sales tax and 3% county occupancy tax will be added to all rental charges plus a $55.00 non-refundable reservation fee plus tax.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There will be no refunds due to unfavorable weather, medical illness, accident, or any acts of God unless trip insurance is purchased. All cancellations must be submitted by Guests and acknowledged by Mountain Vacation Rentals in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail. Provided Mountain Vacation Rentals is able to re-rent the property at no loss to the Owner, the Guest will be refunded the full rental fee amount less a 10% cancellation fee. If the property is re-rented for a portion of the rental period, the Guest will be refunded that portion of the rental fee. We strongly recommend that you purchase Trip Insurance.

TRIP INSURANCE: Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC acts solely as a agent for the Lodging Protection Plan Cancellation & Interruption Coverage administered by CSA which offers coverage for certain pre-arrival weather conditions, pre-existing conditions, medical, loss of life & accidents. For specific details or situations in determining to accept coverage call CSA at 1-866-999-4018 and refer to Group Plan Code G-330CSA. To purchase Trip insurance for your reservation, please ask one of our Mountain Vacation Rentals representatives to assist you. POLICY # G-330CSA.

DEPOSIT POLICY: Guest(s) acknowledge and understand that 50% of the rental fee is due and payable to confirm a reservation. Payment by Visa, MasterCard or personal check must be received prior to confirming a reservation. Payments made by personal check must be received within 10 business days of the reservation date. Final balance payments must be made no later than 30 days prior to arrival. All personal check payment guests are still required to register a credit card number with Mountain Vacation Rentals for their security deposit.

FINAL PAYMENT POLICY: Rental Guest(s) also acknowledge and understand that the final 50% payment is due and payable 30 days before arrival. Guest(s) also acknowledge and understand that all credit card payments will be billed automatically to the Guest(s) credit card 30 days before arrival. Arrival packets will reflect all payments as applied to the reservation by Mountain Vacation Rentals.

LAST MINUTE RESERVATION PAYMENTS. Guests who reserve a home less than 30 days prior to arrival will be required to pay in full, at reservation time, by credit card.

FOR THOSE GUESTS PAYING BY PERSONAL CHECK, a credit card number will be taken upon reservation to secure the confirmation. The credit card will be automatically charged for any outstanding deposits amounts and final balance due when personal checks are not received in a timely manner.

RENTAL RATES: Rental rates are determined by length of stay, in-season or off-season, and accommodations. Guests shall not be entitled to any refund due to delay in check-in, early check-out, or damage to guest(s) belongings for any reason including mechanical malfunction or disruption of utility services including cable or satellite television. Current rental rates: For all rate schedules offered, please refer to each individual property's listing. The Mountain Vacation Rentals brochure reflects only the published summer rate information.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in both rental rates and home descriptions. On occasion, the rates and descriptions may contain errors, and are, therefore, subject to change without notice.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Guests shall leave premises reasonably maintained and in undamaged condition. Upon arrival Guest(s) are asked to notify Mountain Vacation Rentals of any noticeable damages or conditions requiring repair or maintenance. Guests are responsible for any damages caused during their stay. All homes are inspected and inventoried upon Guest(s) departure. The cost of repairs (other than normal cleaning) or replacement of damaged or missing items including linens and utensils will be deducted from the security deposit guaranteed by the credit card authorization form, imprinted and signed by the Guest(s) to establish the security deposit amount. North Carolina allows 45 days from departure for damages to be assessed and billed to the guest.

INSPECTION/ENTRY: Mountain Vacation Rentals and its agents and contractors on behalf of Owner reserves the right to enter the premises to perform inspections, repairs and maintenance. If possible, advance notice of entry will be given.

TRASH REMOVAL: If trash service is provided for your guest home, the guest is required to set out the trash on the scheduled days for their home. The trash must be in a heavy duty liner, set inside the trash container by 10:00 AM. If your departure is not on a scheduled trash day, there will be an additional trash scheduled for a fee of $12.50. If trash is left inside the home on departure on a scheduled trash day, this fee is also applicable. All loose trash left in the container will result in an additional $50.00 penalty fee by our vendor for clean-up & removal.

USE OF PREMISES: Guests acknowledge and recognize that the homes they are renting are private residences. These homes are constructed consistent with residential usage only. As a matter of safety and so as not to disturb neighbors, these homes are not to be used for large gatherings of any type. This is especially important in your use of the exterior areas including but not limited to decks. Occupancy and use of the premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors this includes barking or unleashed activities of approved dogs. This may require retiring to indoors after a reasonable time as not to disturb neighbors. This also includes not parking in neighboring parking areas or blocking roadways with additional vehicles. Please make advance plans for non-residential locations for any large groups or events. If such an event, gathering or disruptive activity is discovered by or reported to Mountain Vacation Rentals the result will be forfeiture of the security deposit.

RENTAL FEES INCLUDE: A $55.00 reservation fee, departure cleaning fee, amenity fee & inspection fee. Trash fee and Membership fees if applicable to home rented.

EXPEDITED EVICTION: Grounds for eviction for a tenant: 1) Holds over possession after his or her tenancy has expired. 2) Has committed a material breach of the terms of the vacation rental agreement resulting in the termination of his or her tenancy. 3) Fails to pay rent as required by the agreement. 4) Has obtained possession of the property by fraud or misrepresentation. Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC, shall give the tenant at least four hour's notice, either orally or in writing, to quit the premises. The process of filing such complaint with the Clerk of Court will then commence & other procedures as described in G.S. 42A-24.

MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: If State or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of an area that includes the residential property subject to a vacation rental, the tenant in possession of the property shall comply with the evacuation order. The tenant will not be entitled to a refund from Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC. acting as agent for the owner, of the prorated rent for each night that the tenant is unable to occupy the property if the tenant prior to taking possession of the property refuses insurance offered by the agent.

GUESTS RESPONSIBILITY: Guests shall be solely responsible for any property, damage, loss or theft from the premises during Guests occupancy including loss of money, jewelry and other items of personal property of Guests or their invitees and any accident or bodily injury suffered or incurred by any person resulting from the use or occupancy of the premises or items of personal property and any recreational activities and will hold Owner, Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC, their agents or rental associates, harmless with respect there to.

ARRIVAL: Check-in is 4:00 p.m. (no exceptions) If you anticipate a late arrival (after 5:00 p.m.) please notify our office. Late arrival notification will ensure that your check-in packet will be placed in the Lock Box outside our office designated for late arrivals. All check-ins take place at the Mountain Vacation Rentals office in Cashiers. The office is on Hwy 107 North just 3/10's of a mile from the traffic light at the 64/107 intersection.

DEPARTURE: Check-out is 10:00 a.m. (no exceptions) departures after 10:00a.m. will be billed for an additional days stay. Notification of early departure to Mountain Vacation Rentals office is appreciated. House keys must be returned to Mountain Vacation Rentals upon departure. At departure, if the office is closed, please use the Lock box located outside the office entrance. Please do not leave keys in the home. A charge of $25.00 for keys not returned will be deducted from the security deposit.

NON-SMOKING: Guests acknowledges that all properties are deemed to be non-smoking. Failure to comply with the non-smoking policy will result in a deduction of $300.00 from the security deposit.

PETS: Pets are not allowed in most homes represented by Mountain Vacation Rentals, however a limited number of homes are dog friendly. Other pets including but not limited to felines are not allowed under any circumstance. Guests with unauthorized pets will be asked to vacate immediately without refund of rent or security deposit. Guest who request a dog friendly home will be required to agree to and submit the following:

  1. Dogs will be approved by Breed at the Owners discretion.
  2. Guests will be required to sign a Pet Waiver Form and will be responsible for all loss or damage including repairs, cleanings and replacement of inventory. If conventional cleaning methods prove ineffective for removing dog hair the inventory item will be replaced at the guest expense.
  3. Guest acknowledges that a nonrefundable $100.00 per dog fee will be charged.
  4. A Veterinarian signed and dated copy of the dog's current vaccination and flea medication record is required thirty days prior to check-in.
  5. Observance of leash rules and cleanup courtesy must be observed.
  6. Dogs must never be left unattended in any area where they may disrupt or disturb others.

Failure to comply with the above will result in early termination without refund and or any fines consistent with owner or community standards.

OCCUPANCY: North Carolina law requires the total occupancy in units served by septic systems not exceed two persons per bedroom. Occupancy exceeding the maximum number of permitted occupants is grounds for immediate eviction without refund pursuant to Section 42A-23, et. of the Vacation Rental Act. Agent shall conduct all brokerage activities in regard to this Agreement without respect to the race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status of any tenant.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: Our homes are in restricted areas. Recreational, camping, and ATV vehicles are prohibited.

LAKEFRONT HOMES: Owners of homes located on Lake Glenville and/or Mountain Vacation Rentals are not responsible for water conditions affecting the use or enjoyment of the lake.

RENTAL PROPERTIES FOR SALE: From time to time, homes managed by Mountain Vacation Rentals may become available for sale. Guests will be notified prior to renting a home if that home is for sale. These homes may be e subject ( by appointment only) to be shown.

LOST AND FOUND: Mountain Vacation Rentals is not responsible for items left by Guests in the homes. If any items are left behind, Mountain Vacation Rentals will attempt to recover and return all items to the Guests. There will be a $25.00 service charge plus shipping for this service.

HOME STANDARDS: The landlord shall provide a fit premises with the following standards: 1) Comply with all current building and housing codes. 2) Make all repairs reasonably necessary to put and keep the property in a fit and habitable condition. 3) Keep all common areas in a safe condition. 4) Maintain in good and safe working order and reasonably and promptly repair all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, and other facilities and major appliances supplied by him or her upon written notice to the agent from the tenant that repairs are needed. 5) The owner shall replace or repair the smoke detectors if the landlord or agent are notified by the tenant in writing that replacement or repair is needed. All smoke detector batteries are replaced on an annual basis by landlord or owner.

HOME SUBSTITUTIONS: If at the time the tenant is to begin occupancy of the property, Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC. cannot provide the property in a fit and habitable condition or substitute a reasonably comparable property in such condition, Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC. shall refund to the tenant all payments made by the tenant.

HOMES FOR SALE: In the event a landlord who has entered into a vacation rental agreement & voluntarily transfers his or her title to another owner, the title & grantee will be subject to the vacation rental agreement protecting all vacation rentals that end no later then 180 days after the recording of the grantee's interest. All vacation rentals ending after the 180 day limit will not be subject to the terms of such agreement unless the grantee in writing has agreed in writing to honor the vacation rental agreement.

GUEST(S) acknowledge and understand that he or she is a licensee of the Owner and not a tenant, and that he or she is not acquiring any interest in the property. It is understood that each unit is privately owned including the furnishings, with Mountain Vacation Rentals, LLC acting solely as Agent for the Owner.

RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: This Agreement has been delivered and accepted in the State of North Carolina for the rental of property in Jackson County, North Carolina. The parties agree that the courts of Jackson County, North Carolina shall be the exclusive venue for any legal action by either party and each party submits to the jurisdiction thereof.


The seasonal rate schedule may vary with individual homes. View our website for individual rates offered.

  • Peak rates apply during the time frame of Memorial Day - Labor Day, October, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week and New Years week.


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SCHEDULE OF ARRIVAL DAYS. The In-Season rental week runs from Friday to Friday in most of the Sapphire Valley Resort properties, and all homes and Trillium Links & Lake Club. Cashiers, Lake Glenville and the Sapphire Valley Town homes and Villas will offer check-in and departure on Saturday to Saturday. Please check with your reservation associate or our web site to verify the arrival date of each home. (We offer flexibility in spring, fall & winter reservations.)

Cell Phones. Cellular service is not a reliable source of communication for last minute arrival directions or emergencies with friends or family members. Due to the mountain terrain & the limited licensed towers in the area we recommend that all guests be informed in advance of the rental home number and location. To date, Verizon offers the most consistent service in the Cashiers area. Cellular service becomes difficult approximately one hour in any direction from the Cashiers/Highlands area.

Long Distance Calls. All rental homes have telephones. The number will be provided once your reservation is confirmed. The homes have long distance blocks and guests making long distance calls are asked to use a personal calling card or charge all long distance calls to their home telephones. In the event the long distance block does not prevent long distance calls made by a guest, any long distance charges incurred during a Guest stay will be billed for those charges and a $25.00 service fee to the security deposit credit card registered with Mountain Vacation Rentals. All telephone numbers are registered with the 911 emergency services.

Alcohol Beverages. The Cashiers area is dry. The nearest beer, wine or liquor store is located in Highlands. Trillium Links & Lake Club and Sapphire Valley Resort have dining and bar facilities with alcohol privileges due to their private and resort status.

FIREWOOD. Firewood may be ordered through the Mountain Vacation Rentals office at least one week prior to arrival. Payment for this service may be paid by check or cash at check-in. Smaller amounts of wood are sold by the bundle at the office and may be purchased upon arrival. For your convenience these bundles have been pre-wrapped in plastic and have a carrying handle. Small bundles can also be purchased at the local market. Please confirm with your reservation associate that the home you have selected does have a wood burning fireplace. Many of our homes have gas logs installed.

CLOTHING. The weather in Cashiers can vary. For optimal comfort throughout the day layers tend to work best. Even in the warmer months the temperature drops quickly at sundown. Spontaneous mountain showers are common so it is best to have some sort of rain gear on hand as well. During the winter months it is wise to prepare for the possibility of snow, sun or rain.